2010 Christmas Fundraiser: A Tremendous Success

Faith Wangui in oversized uniform

Faith Wangui is an orphan whose guardian couldn't afford a proper uniform. Before the fundraiser, she had to wear a used uniform that was way too big.

Last December, a fundraiser was held in order to purchase uniforms and shoes for all 90 Tenderfeet children, as well as the dozens of students who are in our sponsorship program.

You might recall that all students in Kenya are required to wear a uniform to school by the government.

It’s nearly impossible for a family earning a dollar or two a day to purchase a uniform that costs $30, especially for families with multiple schoolchildren.

Despite our longstanding frustration with this oppressive requirement, for the sake of the children we seek to make sure that Tenderfeet is following the rules.

This ensures we are not at risk to be closed by the educational officers who inspect the school regularly.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of individuals and groups all over the world who contributed to the fundraiser.

Thanks to the wonderful friends, we were able to purchase all the shirts, sweaters, trousers, and black leather shoes necessary to make the uniform.

In addition, we had a surplus that allowed us to buy PE kits, replacement uniforms, backpacks and similar necessities for numerous older children who had at one time been Tenderfeet students.

On behalf of the whole Tenderfeet family, we want to express a profound and huge feeling of gratitude to all of those who generously assisted in making this fundraiser such a blessing to countless needy children.

Tenderfeet kids in new uniforms

Tenderfeet kids in new uniforms. A huge thanks to all those who made it possible!

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