2021 Christmas Fundraiser


a teacher leads the kids in push-ups kids are led in push-ups

Like people all over the world, Tenderfeet has been challenged by the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, the school is still providing an uplifting sanctuary for children suffering from extreme poverty.

However, the financial impact of COVID-19 on the school has been very serious.

Our Christmas fundraiser this year is aimed at helping to strengthen our budget in order to enter the year 2022 with a solid financial foundation.
Please consider, if you are able, a special gift this holiday season to help Tenderfeet. Every donation is important and will ensure the school can thrive in the year ahead. Please click here to give.

Tenderfeet has adapted to the pandemic, and thankfully Coronavirus cases in Kenya have been quite low for months.

Teachers are all vaccinated and the school has been blessed to be able to remain a safe haven for children. The kids are doing wonderfully at school!

Despite these positives, expenses have dramatically gone up nationwide due to the impact of the pandemic. Meanwhile, many of our donors have had immense setbacks and overall giving has been affected.

As you can see from the photos in this email, Tenderfeet children get to express themselves in art, love to exercise, learn important social skills, and get a basis in education that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Please partner with Mama Margaret and her team to make sure Tenderfeet can continue this important work for the sake of these precious children.

attending morning assembly attending morning assembly
fun art project a fun art project


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