Sponsors Give the Perfect Gift

We have some excellent news – thanks to generous donors all over the world, we were able to meet our fundraising goal for the Christmas Fundraiser for School Uniforms.


Thanks to gifts from donors in Australia, the United States, Canada, and more, Tenderfeet students will be able to attend school in the proper school clothing, as required by Kenyan law.

Our goal was $4000 USD, and we were able to reach this amount.  This will enable us to get the shoes, trousers, buttoned shirt and sweater the kids need.

Imagine the feeling of pride and self worth that a child from the slums experiences when putting on a brand new school uniform.  Such a child has very rarely had something nice and new in his or her possession in their entire life.

We are so grateful for every donation. You have given a gift that really makes a difference!

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