A Gift That Changes a Life

This time of year, traffic gets hectic as shoppers race to get all their holiday shopping done. Stores can be crowded and lines can get long as presents are purchased for friends and loved ones.

Did you know that with a few clicks, and no traffic or crowds, you can purchase a gift that will change a life?

Tenderfeet has a uniform fundraiser every year where you have the chance to give just such a gift to a child in need.


Living in incredible poverty, Tenderfeet students don’t really know what it’s like to have someone shop for them.

Their families can’t afford presents, so when a special person halfway across the world makes a donation on their behalf, it has real and lasting meaning to that child.

Please click here to be just such a special person. 100% of donations received will go to uniforms. There are many options to choose from.

  • $25 – Junior Uniform for Kids under 10
  • $50 – Junior Uniform and Shoes
  • $65 – Senior Uniform and Shoes
  • $150 – Outfit a Family!

As in past years, we will send donors thank you gifts to show our appreciation for your generosity.

Please accept our deepest appreciation for your support of the needy children of Tenderfeet.

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