A New Website for Tenderfeet

Tenderfeet has launched a brand new website. It brings together our blog, has some great photos of the kids, information on the school, and lots of other interesting info.

Bright and colorful, we think it will help people understand our mission and see what good things can be done when we all work together for the kids. Get as many people as you can to visit and learn about life in Kibera – and sign up for our newsletter too. Visit the new Tenderfeet website here.

Note: it’s the same web address as always: www.TenderfeetKids.org

I want to give a huge and special thanks to the team that put together the website — Craig Garratt, Dan Binks, and Scott Sansoni. These three wonderful and creative Australian Tenderfeet friends really came through for Tenderfeet.

They worked countless hours, generously shared their own resources, and most of all, demonstrated a genuine loving heart for the needy children of Tenderfeet.

Such a high-quality website would cost an arm and a leg if it was put together by a typical web design firm, but we are so fortunate that the Tenderfeet web team donated their amazing talents free of charge. This means that we can focus all donations on helping those sweet kids that need help the most.

On behalf of Mama Margaret, the Tenderfeet Foundation board, and most of all, the Tenderfeet kids, I want to say a huge thanks to the web team!

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