Constructing a Hopeful Future Together

The Tenderfeet school has certainly had ups and downs when it comes to student enrollment.

As 2012 begins, we have the largest student body we’ve had in many years with 110 children total. We have also been able to add a Fourth grade class and a new classroom, sponsored by longtime partners at ION Geophysical.

A wonderful group of women at ION put together an annual fundraiser in the late Fall to help the school. This “Holiday of Giving” fundraiser is associated with the U.S. Thanksgiving time, and the effort is supported by the generous contributions of dozens of caring employees.

ION Geophysical Fundraiser

Here are two of the extraordinary women who lead the ION fundraisers -- both named Susan! They are in the process of telling co-workers about Tenderfeet. You can see the colorful decorations with photos of Tenderfeet kids that they use to inspire others to help the school

To make sure the school could accommodate a new grade level and additional students, the proceeds from the Holiday of Giving fundraiser were used to construct a new classroom building.

Mama Margaret was fortunate to get some good guidance from a local government official who advised Tenderfeet to utilize the used bricks of demolished buildings.

Such bricks are in many ways as good as new, and can be found at a much-reduced price.


Photos of the early stages of construction. You can see the used bricks piled in the far background

During the months of December and January, the new classroom was constructed. It is roomy and situated near the kitchen of the original building.

This growth to 110 students is part of fulfilling our main goal of helping as many vulnerable children as possible.

It is also a requirement of the educational oversight officers, who have insisted we get the enrollment to 150. Fortunately, they are allowing us to add 10 students per year.

The school started in the year 2000, and by 2005 had grown to over 100 students. They were renting several cramped rooms in the Kibera slums, and struggled as local organizations donated rice and grains to the food program.

Several major setbacks hit the school in the following years, and the number of students dropped as low as 60 in early 2008.

New classroom

The new classroom is shown here almost complete. Think of all the joy, laughter, and learning that will take place within it!

Step by step, we’ve been been adding a bunch more students since then and  now are at the current size of 110.

We’re both excited and incredibly grateful to the kind donors of ION Geophysical who have made this latest expansion possible.

Keeping more and more needy children off the streets and in school is a constant challenge and goal, and in that goal, we are extremely blessed to have an awesome team to make it possible!

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