Christmas Fundraiser for Uniforms 2016

Every year, we have a fundraiser in December for new school uniforms for the Tenderfeet kids.

To support the children, please go to our NetworkForGood page, 100% of donations received will go to uniforms.

Uniform Fundraiser

For the poorest children, school uniforms are like a dream. If these kids even get to go to school, they usually have to wear ill-fitting and worn-out uniforms.

Life in the Kibera slums is incredibly harsh for children

In Kenya, all students must wear a uniform to school. This is strictly enforced by the government. For the the families of Tenderfeet students, the expense of a sweater, buttoned shirt, trousers, and leather shoes are almost impossible.

Remember, for families making only one or two dollars per day, a uniform costs more than the family earns in a month.

Here are some different ways you can help these families:

  • $25 can purchase shoes & a sweater.
  • $40 will buy a junior uniform for those under 10 years.
  • $50 will purchase a senior uniform for an older student.
  • $120 will outfit a whole family!

Every year, we offer thank you gifts from the kids.


For donations over $50, you will receive a hand tracing, over $100 gets a hand craft, and over $150 receives a handwritten letter from one of the children.

Thank you for helping Tenderfeet, the children are so fortunate to have your support. Here’s the link to donate again.

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