Christmas Fundraiser for Uniforms 2015

Tenderfeet has an annual Christmas Fundraiser for school uniforms.  This is one of the most important goals of the year, and is critical for the needy children who depend on donations for their school clothes.

To support the children, please go to our GoFundMe page, 100% of donations received will go to uniforms.


As you may know, the poorest children from the slums are almost never able to know what it means to have a new school uniform.

Life in the Kibera slums is incredibly harsh for children

School uniforms in Kenya are required of all students. For the the families of Tenderfeet students, the costly prices of the sweater, buttoned shirt, trousers, and leather shoes (all are mandatory) are beyond reach.

For most families, making only one or two dollars per day, the cost is more than a month’s income.

Here’s the breakdown of costs:

  • $25 can purchase shoes & a sweater.
  • $40 will buy a junior uniform for those under 10 years.
  • $50 will purchase a senior uniform for an older student.
  • $120 will outfit a whole family!

As in years’ past, we are offering gifts from the children as a sign of appreciation for your generosity.


For donations over $50, you will receive a hand tracing, over $100 gets a hand craft, and over $150 receives a handwritten letter from one of the children.

Every donation is received with tremendous gratitude and will truly make a difference.  Here’s the link again.

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