Exam Stars

The KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) is probably the most important test a young person in Kenya will take in his or her life.

It’s taken at the end of the 8th grade year, when students are called “Candidates”.


Prill Lumadade

If you do well, you can go on to high school. In some cases, you may be admitted to one of the elite high schools in Kenya.

If you don’t score high enough, sadly, you may not be able to continue your education. In many cases, such students will repeat the 8th grade in hopes of improving their score, but tens of thousands every year are not able to.

It’s a tremendous amount of pressure on the students, school, and families.

To make things even more difficult, students are required to have birth certificates and other important documents in order to register and take the test.

For Tenderfeet students, especially orphans and those not born in hospitals, these can be hard to track down. The Tenderfeet staff spends countless hours making sure all this documentation is ready in time.

The great news is that the results came in recently and all the Tenderfeet students passed! We’re glad to report that all of them now are in high school.


Esther Ngina

Two students did incredibly well. Prill Lumadade scored almost 400 points, which puts him among the top in the whole country.

Esther Ngina scored almost as high, which is particularly impressive considering that she “skipped” a grade a few years ago. Both students would probably not even be in school without Tenderfeet.

Their performance and the fact that all students passed is a testament to the hard work of these young people and the teachers and families who helped them prepare.

Of course, none of it would be possible without the generosity of Tenderfeet donors like yourself who provide the support necessary to keep the school going strong.

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