Helping the Whole Child

Tenderfeet is a school that seeks to help children grow in every aspect of their lives.

One area that has always been a focus is helping children learn and practice life skills.  For instance, children are taught about personal hygiene, such as brushing teeth, staying clean, and avoiding germs.

Since many of the children don’t have access to toothbrushes at home, the kids brush their teeth at school using toothbrushes donated by visitors and purchased through donations The children learn the proper way to brush their teeth as well as actually brushing their teeth every day they are at school. Other areas of personal care are also covered.


Some children from the most challenging backgrounds come to school with lice, chiggers, and other parasites. These kids are treated at school and their guardians are informed how to do a better job dealing with these issues.

Malaria is a problem throughout Kenya, most Tenderfeet kids have suffered one or more bouts with it themselves. To assist with this, fundraisers have been held to purchase mosquito-proof bed nets for all the children. With the bed nets, students are much less likely to get malaria.


Since most children that attend Tenderfeet come from desperate poverty, they are more likely to need additional help and care with basic needs. Tenderfeet teachers love and care for these vulnerable students and nurture them to grow up strong despite the challenges these children face.

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