Help us to Break the Poverty Cycle for Kenyan Girls

The Cycle of Poverty

Poverty is relentless – it holds entire generations in its grasp and doesn’t let go easily.

Many young girls end up in a vicious cycle of poverty usually because they have been orphaned at a young age.  With luck they may get education through a centre like Tenderfeet and do well in early education, but often are forced to leave education after primary school.


The slums are a harsh and unsafe environment for young girls

An everyday cycle

A typical cycle after primary school for many girls living in the slums is the possibility of becoming pregnant in their early teens, not necessarily by choice.

Early marriage may then follow with the contraction of AIDs being a real likelihood.

Usually she will have several children quickly, and find herself without a partner through abandonment or being widowed.

Her health is usually poor, and finding suitable food, shelter and education for her own family is very difficult with desperation driving many to prostitution.

Death in her early 20s is a real possibility, leaving her children orphaned and ready to begin the cycle again.


Schools like this one provide an excellent environment for growth

The Kipepeo solution

After primary school, a suitable boarding school is found. Removed from the harsh environment of the slums, her teenage years are spent in disciplined but nurturing surroundings with clean air and water, and fresh food.

Surrounded by dedicated peers she learns the advantages of education, good conduct and friendship. She has positive adult role models to encourage her to achieve her goals. She completes an education and is equipped for further training or good employment opportunities.

When she starts a family she should be more confident and mature, and less likely to be a teenager. She has a better chance at a stable family life, will be better equipped to be a mother.

Rather than being a financial burden on her family, she may be in a position to assist others, contribute to her community, become a business owner or trained professional.

Most importantly she is able to break the cycle of poverty for her own children.

Its a real solution!

This is not a pie-in-the-sky dream, but a proven reality, based on the Tenderfeet experience. Many of mothers of children at the school are in the cycle of poverty.

But many of the helpers and teachers at Tenderfeet, though born into that cycle, have had opportunity to break free from it.

They are our inspiration to start this program – and why we know it can succeed!

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