Linet’s Funeral

Linet Atieno, the mother of Tenderfeet students Shally and Emmaculate, was laid to rest after her tragic death.

Below are two photos of Linet’s casket outside of her small one-room residence in the Kibera slums. According to Luo custom, the body was made available for viewing for neighbors and loved ones, who could come by and pay respects to the deceased and survivors. Linet’s body was covered by a veil. Well-wishers could contribute to the funeral costs.

A significant portion of the burial expenses were paid for by Tenderfeet donors, which provides a huge relief to the family. It allows Linet’s children to be spared unnecessary hardship, and we are deeply grateful to those who contributed.

The body was transported to the Nyanza Province near Lake Victoria that night. Once all the family had arrived the next day, the funeral and burial ceremonies took place in Linet’s tribal homeland.

Below is the Aunt of Linet who will become the guardian of the two girls. She is also the guardian of Tenderfeet graduate Wickliff Wesonga. Emmaculate is on the left and Shally is on the right.

Here is a photo of Mama Margaret and Teacher Karen with the two girls. Teacher Elizabeth (not shown) traveled with the family to the Nyanza Province for the funeral. She had to convince the girls’ relatives that the girls should return to Nairobi. Some of their father’s family wanted to relocate the girls to live in the countryside where the poverty level was very high and opportunity for education was not present. Fortunately, Elizabeth was able to reason with the family in order to find the situation best for the girls.

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