Mama Margaret In Print

women-like-usA book recently was published that includes the stories of “well-known and little-known women who are coming together in their own way with their own voices to speak up for the vulnerable, link arms with compassion and connection and share how the reader, in her own way, can be a part of the change.”

Mama Margaret certainly fits that bill, and her story was included in this book. The chapter is called, “Mama Margaret: A Passion for Children in Kibera Slums”.

In this chapter, Margaret explains how she was influenced by her parents’ self-sacrifice taking in orphan children, her own education, first jobs selling shoes and working in an electrical shop, how she met her husband, and eventually became a teacher and founded Tenderfeet.


She concludes by explaining how the school was able to find a permanent and safe home in 2010, and what a difference that has made to the children.

It’s an amazing story, and her love and compassion for vulnerable children shines through in every word.

Margaret tells about the early days of Tenderfeet, and the setbacks that had to be overcome to keep it running, including the early days of having to move the school from location to location due to lack of rent. She also discusses the election riots of 2008, when the school was almost burned down.

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