Multiplying Your Impact

Every Tenderfeet supporter wants to see his or her sponsorship used in a way that has the greatest impact on children’s lives. That’s why we make sure 100% of donations go directly to Tenderfeet.


Gift Matching is crucial to keeping the Tenderfeet school going strong

It turns out there may be a way for you to double your support without it costing you another penny.

What do Coca-Cola, Nike, and Gillette have in common? Other than advertising all the time, they also share another quality — Gift Matching Programs.

Perhaps your employer also has a gift matching program, enabling you to double your sponsorship.  Check with your human resources department if you aren’t sure.

It may be that this is an idea that is new to some donors.  To explain how it works, note that gift matching is a benefit offered to employees of some companies.

In particular, the company will match the donations to a registered charity made by that employee.  At this time, the Tenderfeet Foundation is only registered (as a 501(c)(3) organization) in the United States.

So, for instance, suppose you work for Nike and sponsor a child at $25 per month. This turns out to be $300 per year, and if you submit a receipt to your company, then they will also donate $300 to Tenderfeet.

What a great way to help the kids by taking advantage of a program that was designed for donors just like you!

In fact, many current Tenderfeet donors have doubled their contributions through gift matching, either right away or sometimes later after learning about the gift matching program at their companies.

It’s worth noting that if it weren’t for gift matching, Tenderfeet would not be able to meet its current budgets. The extra funds make a huge difference.

Many vital Tenderfeet programs such as the orphan fund and the medical and emergency funds would come up short without being supplemented with gift matching.

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Damaris Akinyi was quite ill but thanks to the medical fund (made possible through gift matching), was able to get treatment.

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