Donations helped Stephen, Faith, and Alice continue their education

Your Donations

Your generous donations are processed through a secure server and extensive records are kept of every dollar donated and how it is spent.

The Tenderfeet Foundation works closely with Tenderfeet founder, Mama Margaret Nyabuto, to see that all funds are used to the maximum potential.

The Tenderfeet team deeply appreciates and values the sacrifice donors make, which is why tremendous care is taken to make sure all funds are used wisely and effectively.

First and foremost, the school itself could not operate without the support of donors, whose help keeps the school going strong.

From the student feeding program, to transporting the kids from the slums to the school 45 minutes away, to ensuring that the kids have a high-quality education — all aspects of running the school rely on the thoughtful financial gifts of school sponsors from all around the world.

In addition to the Tenderfeet school itself, donations also ensure that Tenderfeet “graduates” can continue their studies.  Over the years, numerous students have been able to graduate from Tenderfeet and they all have a good grounding to further their education.

The hard part for them is affording the next steps.  Tenderfeet donors have made those next steps possible.

Some students have also been assisted through secondary education, something that is not always possible in the slums, especially for girls.

Tenderfeet has also been able to ensure life-saving medical treatment has been made available for students when needed, and their home lives are monitored to ensure they are in as safe and secure situations as possible.

Though much has been done over the years, it has never been an easy journey, and it hasn’t always been possible to help each child with education and medical assistance. Hard decisions have to be made when there are not enough funds available.

But loyal supporters have made it a little easier, and for that the children of Tenderfeet and the Tenderfeet Foundation are eternally grateful.

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100% of all donations received are used for operating the school and assisting the children.  Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.