Tenderfeet Partners

The following groups and organizations have partnered with Tenderfeet in special ways over the past few years. Tenderfeet is so grateful to all these wonderful partners and the support that they have shown through thick and thin. Most of these organizations have websites, to visit, please click on the links below to find out more about them.

Children of Light is a charitable organization located in Fairlawn, Ohio. These generous friends have funded the school’s water well, major kitchen sink upgrade, in addition to sponsoring the marvelous second plot of land for the school. Visitors from this organization have purchased much-needed supplies for the school and children, including track suits for everyone. In addition, Children of Light is a generous sponsor of our teacher’s fund.
The Collette Foundation is a charitable organization headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and is affiliated with Collette Vacations.This partner has been the driving force in helping Tenderfeet realize the dream of having a permanent school facility. In 2009 they enabled the purchase of land in Riruta and in 2010 funded the new school building. Collette has also funded the food program in Kibera since 2008. Their patience and determination to help Tenderfeet is amazing.
Corby’s Castle is a Christian youth service group in Houston, Texas.These young people have been long-term sponsors of Shadrack Otieno, the 9 year old orphan boy who had brain surgery in 2007. Following his surgery, Shadrack required regular doctor’s appointments as well as attending a school for children with disabilities. Corby’s Castle made this possible, as well as fundraising for special projects like new school desks for Tenderfeet. The caring young people in Corby’s Castle have done a remarkable job in helping other young people in need.
Cornerstone is a United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.Cornerstone raised the bulk of the funds for Shadrack’s brain surgery. The generous people of this church have also helped with child sponsorships, the Tenderfeet food program, the end-of-year school banquet, the Tenderfeet Orphan’s Fund, and Boaz’s eye surgery.Everybody at Cornerstone gets involved – even the fifth grade Sunday School class raised funds for Tenderfeet school supplies.
Crossbridge Christian Church is located in Cypress, Texas. A summer Vacation Bible School fundraiser ensured that the Tenderfeet kids would get playground equipment at their new school in Riruta. Crossbridge also raised funds for our Christmas uniform fundraiser and is a missions partner. Crossbridge is located in Houston, Texas.
The Great Canadian Foundation for Giving, founded by Tenderfeet friend Kathy Switzer and assisted by Century 21 Millenium has helped Tenderfeet in many important ways since 2007.This group first got involved by coming through in a time of great need as we tried to complete the Kibera building. Funds were also raised to cover the cost of Boaz’s eye surgery. Tremendous help was also provided in purchasing the second plot of land for the school. Countless children have benefited from the caring of this special partner.
Gumption is a design firm with expertise in areas such as website and brand design. The company is located in the town of Busselton, Western Australia.Craig Garratt is the company founder and a friend of Tenderfeet.He has visited Tenderfeet in person, and promotes Tenderfeet through his own efforts and resources, including the development of the Tenderfeet website.
Holy Covenant United Methodist Church is located in Katy, Texas. The Searchers Sunday School Class as well as others in the church have supported many school projects, such as improving the playground as well as the annual uniform fundraiser.
ION Geophysical is a seismic technology company. ION employees have initiated numerous internal fundraisers which have played an important role in keeping Tenderfeet going strong. ION has also taken a special interest in helping the young graduates of Tenderfeet going on to 3rd grade. Through these efforts, graduates of Tenderfeet have been able to continue their education.  ION is headquartered in Houston, Texas
Urban Outreach is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, California. Urban Outreach is focused on empowering the disadvantaged in urban communities by meeting both spiritual and practical needs. In the case of Tenderfeet, Urban Outreach has made significant contributions to ensuring Tenderfeet has had a Kibera facility, as well as the sponsorship of four children.