The Tenderfeet Foundation U.S. Board

A Team with Big Dreams

The Tenderfeet Foundation has a U.S. board consisting of Dax Mitchell (President), Cathy Weber (Vice-President), Patrick Moore (Treasurer), and Tim Hiebert.

Dax Mitchell Dax Mitchell


Dax Mitchell

Dax is a software developer in Wilder, VT, and has been the US coordinator for Tenderfeet since 2006.

Cathy Weber Cathy Weber


Cathy Weber

Cathy is a seismic processing manager in Houston, Texas and has led fundraisers for Tenderfeet since 2009.

Patrick Moore Patrick Moore


Patrick Moore

Our Treasurer, Pat, is retired. He lives in Clear Lake, Texas, and has been a sponsor and advisor for Tenderfeet since 2006.

Tim HiebertTim Hiebert

Board Member

Tim Hiebert

Tim is a software developer in Norman, OK. Tim has been involved with Tenderfeet since 2013.