Our Dream Confident, happy children – a dream worth striving for!

Our dream

Our dream is no different to the dreams of anyone who has seen the lives that children in the slums of Nairobi have no choice but to live.

It’s a dream for a better life for the most vulnerable in our global community. A life where small children don’t go hungry, where mothers don’t worry all night about their children, wondering how they will survive after they pass away from HIV related illnesses.

It’s a dream about young children growing up with some control of their future. To achieve this they need to have basic medical assistance, wholesome food, and education.

Without these simple things that we take for granted for our own children, then the kids of Nairobi will be stuck in the same cycle of poverty all their lives. As will their children, and their children’s children.

Making the dream a reality

For more than 20 years, since Mama Margaret Nyabuto first began educating the children of prisoners, she has been driven by the compassion in her heart for the children that live around her.

That compassion has drawn others in, who have all helped as they could. Over time this evolved into an idea known as Tenderfeet. Forced to move from place to place, Tenderfeet Education Center has never known a permanent home.

In June 2010, that all changed with the opening of Tenderfeet’s own school on land donated by the Collette Foundation. Tenderfeet now has a home – a new school building with enough room for children to play and learn.

Though an important milestone, the completion of the school building is not the completion of the dream. Through the generosity and continuing support of new and existing donors, the dream is for Tenderfeet Education Center to grow and share its ideals of with more and more children in Nairobi.