Overcoming Despair with Love

The Tenderfeet school calendar started in January of this year with excitement and hundreds of smiles. By March, as COVID-19 hit Kenya, Tenderfeet put classes on hold expecting to reopen soon afterwards.

In the months following the shutdown, that hope started to dim as the virus continued to strike throughout Kenya. By last month, it was clear that no schools in Kenya would reopen in 2020.

Although cases in Kenya are relatively low, the government has been exceedingly cautious, so schools are not allowed to operate until 2021.    

Throughout the shutdown, Tenderfeet has channeled its energies to assisting the children and their families who have suffered so immensely.

Most families were already struggling to survive before COVID-19, but now it can be hard to even earn a dollar a day.

Mama Margaret and her team have responded with love and caring, distributing food supplies, and helping with other emergency expenses children’s families face. The generosity of Tenderfeet donors like you has made this possible.

Please click here to contribute to this ongoing effort.     

All the while, in addition to helping children with food, there are fixed expenses like bus payments, insurance, fees, and school security which must continue even when the school is closed.

Due to these issues, as well as a drop in giving related to the pandemic, dozens of schools that rely on charitable funding throughout Kenya will never open again. In general, the financial impact from Coronavirus has been devastating for schools and organizations serving the poor.

The situation for Tenderfeet has also been extremely challenging. As wonderful donors throughout the world have faced their own hardships, the support for the school has been affected. Frankly, Tenderfeet is facing some of its darkest days.

Please click here to sponsor the school if you are able and would like to help Tenderfeet stay strong and be ready for brighter times ahead.

Your continued sponsorship is what will keep the school going despite the pandemic and the toll it takes. Your kindness and support, despite setbacks you may be facing, means the world to the children and the entire Tenderfeet family.

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