Party Out Poverty

Five friends, one dream, a grand event and an awesome result – Party Out Poverty!

'Summer of Science' GrandAid party goers

Who says that those from Generation Y are a selfish lot? If you need reassurance that the world will be passed into good hands, then you need look no further than the crew at GrandAid.

These five young professionals from Perth, Western Australia have banded together to create grand events to raise money to help fight poverty around the world.

The team consists of Dan Binks, Jessica Dietrich, Jade Leong, Courtney Ryan and Dave Hack and they have held two massive events that had raised tens of thousands of dollars for those suffering the cycle of poverty around the world.

Dan is a friend of Tenderfeet, having helped out with the development of the Tenderfeet website. He raised the plight of the children of Tenderfeet with the Grand Aid team who decided to help.

Their latest event, held on 29 January 2011 had Tenderfeet’s Kipepeo program as one of the causes they raised money for.

It was held at SciTech, an interactive science museum. Amongst all the light shows and exhibits a dance party was held and over 500 sweating, laughing and enthusiastic partygoers attended. With a theme of ‘geek chic’ it was a night that will be remembered a long time.

It was a celebration that will make a real difference to the children of Tenderfeet, and a grand effort that was truly inspiring.

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