Remembering Tenderfeet’s Most Exciting Day

This month of June marks a marvelous event in the life of the Tenderfeet Education Center.

Just one year ago, the school officially opened its doors in a joyous ceremony recognizing the beginning of an exciting new phase.

After ten years, the school finally had it’s own land and facility!

This remarkable and uplifting occasion was shared by a group of special guests from Laconia Savings Bank of New Hampshire, whose visit was facilitated by the Collette Foundation.

Valerie Drouin from Laconia Savings Bank cuts the ribbon

Valerie Drouin from Laconia Savings Bank cuts the ribbon

As mentioned many times, the Collette Foundation has been a steadfast and incredibly generous sponsor and provided the funding for the school building and land.

Laconia also showed extraordinary generosity by making a wonderful donation to get the school off to a great start.

It’s been a long journey from the schools early days when it was founded in the year 2000. ¬†From that point, and over the next ten years, the school was kicked out of uncountable locations due to corrupt and unethical landlords.

Meanwhile, the school faced a multitude other setbacks as supporters passed away, rioters tried to burn the school down multiple times, thugs attacked again and again to try to steal what little the school had, and the staff suffered many personal tragedies.

You can read about the difficult, but ultimately triumphant, story of Tenderfeet in more detail here.

I mention this history not to dwell on the hardships of the past, but to celebrate the blessings of the present.

Opening Day was all that more treasured because of what it meant to the kids and teachers who had endured so much over the years.

Now that a year has gone by, the school has been enhanced further with a water well, kitchen upgrades, an additional classroom, another plot of land, a terrific school bus, and playground equipment.

On this one year anniversary, we are so deeply thankful that God has seen Tenderfeet through to a brighter day, and grateful to the hundreds of people who have sacrificed to make it happen.

Please see the photo album below which features lovely photos taken by our friends from Laconia who were there to celebrate the big day.

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