Responding to a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everybody, in every country. Our wish and prayer is that you are making it through these difficult times whole and well.

I wanted to update friends of Tenderfeet regarding the situation in Kenya. The government in Kenya has been aggressive and proactive from March, closing all schools and instituting a curfew and strict rules on wearing masks in public, washing hands, and social distancing.

These steps have been relatively effective, with total cases at 435 today.

Unfortunately, the impact on families already struggling with poverty has been devastating. 

The closing of the school, restrictions on businesses and limited supplies have caused many Tenderfeet guardians to face higher prices and lower income. 

Mama Margaret and the Tenderfeet team are responding by assisting the families in need.

Staples such as rice, beans, corn meal, and cooking oil have been distributed to the children whose families are going without food.

Please click here if you are able and would like to contribute to help in these times of crisis.

Meanwhile, school expenses remain a struggle. There are fixed costs that Tenderfeet faces regardless of whether the school is open or not.

Your continued support is essential for keeping the school going through these terrible times. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for generosity even when facing your own personal challenges.

Children Receiving Food




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