Victoria Bounces Back

Victoria was severely burned on her right side

Victoria was severely burned on her right side

Victoria is the daughter of a single teenage mother. The mother is an orphan and a member of the Tenderfeet family, and someone who herself suffered greatly growing up.

One day,Victoria’s mom was cooking on a small charcoal stove on the floor — just like millions of Kenyan moms do every day.

Unfortunately, it’s very dangerous. Tragically, in this case, Victoria (barely a toddler at the time) knocked over the pot of boiling liquid which severely burned over 20% of her body.

The burns were so bad, it wasn’t clear that Victoria would survive. She screamed in agony, day and night, week after week.

Victoria is an active and inquisitive child

Victoria is an active and inquisitive child

Her young mom was unable to cope with the emotional stress and ran off, trusting that Mama Margaret would take Victoria in.

As she has so many times before, Mama Margaret did indeed come to the rescue.

It was a long road to recovery, and there were times Margaret thought there would never be improvement.

Thankfully, another blessing came in the form of a generous sponsor, the Children of Light Foundation.

This wonderful group stepped up to cover the costs of the expensive burn treatments, which accelerated the recovery and eased Victoria’s suffering.

Now, almost two years later, Victoria is healthy and happy.

She still has some challenges dealing with the scar tissue and keeping her body temperature where it needs to be, but otherwise is doing great.

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